Designing a New Space: Dream House?

Ever imagined what your dream house would look like? Or if you had a million dollars and could create the most extravagant, innovative space for yourself? I thought it would be interesting to search through catalogues for quite novel, fun designs, even though I could never realistically include them in my own place. Although some of these below may not be the most practical, I was inspired by the inventiveness and thought behind the concept. As it appears that I am not a millionaire, I guess I will just have to make do by living through these photos vicariously for now. A girl can dream though, right?

Love this idea of having the couch and living space ground level, somehow makes it look a lot more comfier and opens up the room more!


This would be an innovative way to turn an old, non-functional piano to a place for storage with great aesthetics.


Talk about saving space! Wouldn’t it be SO cool to have a kitchen table double as a pool table?!

novel3 novel4

2 words: INDOOR SLIDE.


Love the chalkboard wall! It’d be great if friends came over and could draw/write all over it. Makes it look a lot like a cozy cafe!


Being a bookworm, this would be an absolute dream come true!! A 360 degree ceiling/wall of books complete with a ladder!


Really like this idea of lying literally right next to a window, using natural light for reading.


This is probably my favourite (and if I actually did have a million dollars, I would add this to my house without a doubt): I mean, who else has an underground pantry/wine rack accessed by stairs leading downwards?!!


Just looking at this picture makes me feel relaxed.


Maybe not for people afraid of heights, but I think this would be great, especially if there was a large window right above so you can take in all the natural light from outside.


Because it wouldn’t be a dream house without a secret door leading to a hidden room!!


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