Vancouver, BC Part 2: City Adventures

In my latest trip to Vancouver, BC, our family visited my brother who lives there, and he was our quintessential tour guide for our entire trip there! We visited a mixture of tourist and local areas in Vancouver and we also took a ferry to Victoria for a few days. My time in British Columbia was so incredible that I definitely know I want to move and live there for some time in my life! The people, food (refer to my post, Vancouver, BC Part 1: Food Diary), and the atmosphere made me feel right at home. I absolutely loved how no matter where you were, there was always a perfect balance of soaring skyscrapers and city life, local shops, and a breathtaking view of the North Vancouver mountains. And with that, let’s embark on my city adventures in BC!

First thing we did when we arrived? Ate lots of food, but after that, we took a relaxing stroll in the city and also near the water.


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On our walk, we passed by the torch that was lighted for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!




My personal favourite part of the trip was when our brother took us on a bike ride along James Bay. I think it’s the best to enjoy the view while bonding with family and getting some exercise (let’s ignore the fact how the bike ride was mostly downhill).


The next day, we travelled to Victoria, BC via ferry. I quiet enjoyed Victoria -it was a quaint, beautiful place to spend a few days and unwind. We spent the day walking through the town.



At night time, this building really stands out from the lights!


Our hotel was right at the shore, so my sister and I spent a quiet morning on the rocks taking in the serene view.

IMG_0646 IMG_0653

The last stop on our Victoria trip –¬†Bouchart Gardens:






When we returned to Vancouver, we decided to take on the challenge of climbing Grouse Mountain early in the morning! I’ve done hikes up a mountain before, but I was not prepared for what was to come! The Grouse Mountain climb is composed of 2830 steps, and by steps, I do not mean casual walking-up-stairs-in-the-house stairs, I mean really having to shift your body weight forward and work those quads in order to climb up the next step. It’s called “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” for good reason.

I admit that I was the one holding up my entire family in the climb. Let’s just say my fitness level is not up to par with the rest of my family as I found myself having to constantly stop for a break every 10-15 steps. Even before we hit the 1/4 mark, I was ready to give up!! But with the wonderful motivation from my family, I made it up and the climb felt easier as you kept going up.



Okay, I lied before. The Grouse Mountain climb might actually be my favourite part of the trip. No matter how grueling and physically/mentally challenging it was, the view at the top was spectacular. The view at the top is 853m high and overlooks Vancouver city in all its beauty. After taking a few minutes (actually half an hour, yes, I was exhausted!) to rest and regain my strength from the climb up, I took in the breathtaking view and stared in awe. And here I impart my cliche phrase of the week, but it’s true – the view at the top truly makes the climb all worth it!


I’m already planning a future trip back to Vancouver -I’ve completely fallen in love with this city! I highly recommend venturing over to Vancouver & Victoria if you love good food, beautiful scenery and nature, warm people, and an overall wonderful atmosphere to surround yourself in.

This concludes my Vancouver & Victoria, BC travelling posts -I had an incredible time and will definitely be back! I hope you all are enjoying your day wherever in the world you are! Cheers!

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