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Designing a New Space: How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

With the moving-in process coming along slowly but surely, the biggest challenge I’ve come to realize is finding furniture that fits into small rooms without making the space look overly crowded. There is no bigger frustration than finding a furniture piece you absolutely love, but your measuring tape delivers you the bad news of exceedingly large dimensions. Instead of mindlessly searching for furniture to fit our small spaces, why not help the situation by also making our rooms look bigger? For all of us small-room occupiers, I’ve found some clever tricks from blogs and from my own experiences to compile this list of tips to help make your space look bigger than it actually is:

1. Glass/lucite furniture is your friend. Opaque pieces look as if they take up a lot of space to the eye and abruptly break up a room. Transparent pieces create a wonderful illusion of occupying minimal space and give a continuous feel to the room.


2. Incorporate hidden storage and multi-functional furniture pieces into your room. My condo does not come with a lot of storage space, so purchasing a bed with multiple drawers made sense.


3. Use light/neutral colours for the walls and floor to open up a space.

4. Mirrors help reflect light and expand the room.


4. Take advantage of natural light by keeping your windows clear.


5. Use furniture with exposed legs. When searching for a sofa, I definitely noticed a difference in the space occupied by a sofa with a skirt vs. a sofa with legs!



6. This may not be practical in some cases, but try and keep traditional doors to a minimum. Instead, sliding doors make a space look more expansive, because really, you’re technically connecting two rooms together!


7. Don’t fill up every shelf in a room, leave some empty space on a shelf to give your room a more airy look to it.

8. Don’t go overboard with room accents/accessories! This is one of my greatest weaknesses as I’m currently designing my place. Isn’t it so easy for something to catch your eye as you’re browsing the aisle and become instantly convinced that it’s destined to be in your room all along? Let’s all walk away from those room accents that beckon for us, let’s remember -less is more!

9. Say yes to wall-mounting! Whether it be anything from lighting to shelves to a TV set, try to keep your floor space as free and open as possible.


10. Most importantly, declutter your room! Yes, we all have at least 10 things in our room that we haven’t used in a year that simply take up wasted space. It’s difficult to say goodbye to things that have gradually grown to become a part of your room, but you’ll thank yourself later once your room doesn’t look like a cluttered thrift shop/garage sale anymore.

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Designing a New Space: Dream House?

Ever imagined what your dream house would look like? Or if you had a million dollars and could create the most extravagant, innovative space for yourself? I thought it would be interesting to search through catalogues for quite novel, fun designs, even though I could never realistically include them in my own place. Although some of these below may not be the most practical, I was inspired by the inventiveness and thought behind the concept. As it appears that I am not a millionaire, I guess I will just have to make do by living through these photos vicariously for now. A girl can dream though, right?


Love this idea of having the couch and living space ground level, somehow makes it look a lot more comfier and opens up the room more!


This would be an innovative way to turn an old, non-functional piano to a place for storage with great aesthetics.


Talk about saving space! Wouldn’t it be SO cool to have a kitchen table double as a pool table?!

novel3 novel4

2 words: INDOOR SLIDE.


Love the chalkboard wall! It’d be great if friends came over and could draw/write all over it. Makes it look a lot like a cozy cafe!


Being a bookworm, this would be an absolute dream come true!! A 360 degree ceiling/wall of books complete with a ladder!


Really like this idea of lying literally right next to a window, using natural light for reading.


This is probably my favourite (and if I actually did have a million dollars, I would add this to my house without a doubt): I mean, who else has an underground pantry/wine rack accessed by stairs leading downwards?!!


Just looking at this picture makes me feel relaxed.


Maybe not for people afraid of heights, but I think this would be great, especially if there was a large window right above so you can take in all the natural light from outside.


Because it wouldn’t be a dream house without a secret door leading to a hidden room!!


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